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Hello Friends Welcome to ZalimParty.com. We’ve got created this blog to assist those those who want to try and do business online, earn money from the net. But because of lack of proper direction, they’re unable to try to to using these platforms about us.

To help such people, we share new information on this website.

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Our aim is to assist people who want to earn from home. that’s why most of the knowledge about Online Bussiness and Online Earnings is shared on this blog.

Admin: ZalimParty.com 

My name is Akash and I am the founder of this blog, I am a resident of Agra Uttar Pradesh. I have created this website to help people.

Jan 2019 when I started my first blog. At that time, I just saw more Bloggers and started the blog thinking of starting my own blog.

Nothing knew anything about blogging at that time but still had the desire to create their own website.

Then slowly I started to learn about blogging, learned a lot from them by looking at many YouTube Channels and Websites and then created my own website – ZalimParty.com.

On 25th March 2020 I created a blog website due to my desire to always do something different in life. So that I could help people because, since childhood, I was fond of helping people. When I used to help my friends solve Maths questions. Because in Maths I was better than them. And they also used to help me a lot.

ZPG Family

More than 20+ people have joined our ZPG Family so far and all are contributing on this blog.

If you have got a little help from our blog, then I request you to also help someone else. You can share our articles with your friends and help them. Or you can help people by creating your own website just like ours.

If you’re facing any problem associated with Blogging or the other topic then you’ll be able to ask us. If you wish help, you’ll be able to mail us directly at [email protected]

I hope that I will continue to help you in this way and you will continue to love me.

Thank You Friends ☺